Why do the Dental Laboratory and the patient never meet, but the dental lab can still produce beautiful teeth and fit the patient? The tool that helps dental labs fulfill their role well is a dental impression.

Traditional and digital are the two leading dental impressions used for dental production. If traditional impression represents the manual impression method, digital dental impression represents the modern, technological impression method.

Why do not only dental labs but also patients love digital dental impressions? The following article will help you better understand why modern dental lab prefers digital dental impressions

1. Digital dental impression

The digital impression method uses an oral scanning device to record all the data in the patient’s mouth and transmit it to a computer. The computer creates virtual images of the complex and soft tissues in the patient’s mouth from this data.

Most patients love this digital impression method because it’s quick and doesn’t cause discomfort like traditional dental.

The virtual images of the patient’s teeth displayed on the computer are called digital dental impressions. Dentists send this digital data to the lab, where dentures, bridges, and dentures are manufactured quickly and accurately.

Digital- dental-impression

2. Traditional impression

With a traditional impression, dentists ask the patient to bite into a tray containing plaster or alginate material to save the print. The dentist will then deliver these trays to the dental manufacturing lab. At the lab, the technician will have to quickly pour plaster into the trays to create a stone working model, preparing for the following stages.

For patients, the traditional method of dental impressions can be pretty unpleasant regarding the chemical smell of the impression material.

Some patients may vomit, or experience an uncomfortable impression process, leading to incorrect records, thereby affecting the lab’s teeth manufacturing process.


3. Why do modern dental labs prefer digital dental impressions

a. For the patient

 This new technology provides greater accuracy, efficiency, and productivity for patients. In addition, it makes it possible for dentists to scan or email virtual imprints to the lab instead of sending traditional impressions by the post office.

 Additional benefits of using digital displays include:

– Comfort, especially for patients with a sensitive gag reflex or sensitive to cold materials and for those who are anxious during dental treatment.

– The quick scan can be completed in 3-5 minutes, which saves time

– Patients can see clear and detailed dental images through the computer during the treatment process

With digital technology, patients can receive products faster. Since dental data can be transmitted to the lab immediately within minutes

b. For Dental Lab

Dental labs aim to provide customers with fast, quality, and accurate dental restorations. Fortunately, digital dental impressions can help dental labs do just that

The dental lab prefers digital dental impressions for the following advantages:

– Fast: It only takes a few minutes. Dental labs can receive data from customers and start production within a day. With traditional impression, it usually takes a period of 1-5 days (depending on the distance) to receive the impression

– Quality: The image data of the digital impression is often much more accurate than the traditional method, thereby helping dental labs to create high-quality, accurate, and well-fitting dental products.

– Easy to store and maintain: all digital impression data is stored and processed entirely by technology, with fewer problems related to sampling errors. Meanwhile, traditional impressions are prone to chipping and losing track if the shipping process is not good

– Eliminates the need for disposable plastic trays and waste impression material after use

Dental Digital Impression at Xdent Dental Lab

Digital dental technologies are the way of the future. Whether using Sirona CEREC, iTero, 3Shape TRIOS, 3M True Definition, or most other digital impression technologies on the market today, Xdent Lab can accept your files and create restorations with quality shapes from a wide range of materials.

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