Night Guard for Bruxism

Dental Night Guard is one of the main methods of treating teeth grinding while sleeping today. Night Guard will help prevent the harmful effects caused by teeth grinding such as tooth wear, broken teeth, cracked teeth, and damage of bite. Let’s find out the role of the night guard for bruxism treatment in this article

1. What are the harmful effects of grinding teeth while sleeping?

Teeth grinding is a state of clenching two teeth or the upper and lower teeth grinding forward, to the left and right. Teeth grinding is an involuntary activity as the sufferer often grinds his teeth while sleeping and is detected by the people who sleep with him.

There are many causes of teeth grinding: anxiety, nervous tension; due to sleep disorders such as snoring, sleep apnea syndrome, lightheadedness, sleep paralysis, hallucinations; due to the use of a sedative such as an antidepressant, phenothiazine; as a result of some pathologies such as Parkinson’s disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease, oesophagitis; due to factors in teeth such as the poor correlation between teeth, bite, jaw. Generally, teeth grinding does not cause serious consequences. However, if the level of teeth grinding is frequent, the force of teeth grinding in a long time can cause damage such as:

• Wear: The force of grinding the upper and lower teeth together is much stronger than the force of chewing, so the tooth surface is the first affected position. Depending on the grinding force, the teeth wear is more or less, there are cases of severe teeth grinding, the teeth wear down to more than 2/3 of natural teeth, even worn down to the tooth pulp. In addition, long-term teeth grinding causes the tooth surface to become deformed and sharp. The patient will try to use the undamaged part of their teeth to chew, which leads to chewing problems and less appetite.

• Cracked, broken teeth:  If the bruxism is light, it only cracks in the tooth surface. If it’s severe, it can cause cracks to the root. Patients will feel pain and numbness when eating sour, hot, and cold foods. Teeth are prone to loosening and can affect advanced periodontal tissues.

 Headache, chronic facial pain: grinding teeth causes muscle contractions. If muscle contractions happen in a long time, they can cause fatigue, pain, and muscle spasms. After a long period of overuse, the muscle system may increase in volume, one or both sides of the cheek muscles will be enlarged, which will cause wrinkles in the skin and sagging facial skin.

Temporomandibular joint disorders: the temporomandibular joint is damaged, there is a crackling sound in the bite area, the patient has pain and difficulty opening the mouth.

If you have teeth-grinding while sleeping, don’t be subjective, you should go to your dentist for appropriate treatment to prevent possible serious consequences. Teeth grinding treatment helps protect your health and avoid causing trouble for others. There are many methods to treat bruxism such as treating stress, treating teeth with occlusal grinding, practicing changing teeth tightening habits, or wearing an anti-bruxism tray. In particular, the night guard for bruxism treatment is a simple and safe method with high efficiency.

2. The role of night guard for bruxism treatment

The night guard for bruxism treatment is the main method of teeth grinding today. The night guard acts as an anti-crushing pad, preventing direct contact between the upper and lower teeth. The night guard will help the jaw muscles to relax while sleeping, gradually eliminating the habit of muscles and teeth in the grinding position.

The night guard for bruxism treatment is made of high-quality, transparent acrylic resin, which is individually designed based on the individual patient’s jaw impression. Thus it is comfortable to wear, fits well, is easy to attach while sleeping, and removes while waking up, rarely falls out while falling asleep.

The patient wearing a night guard while sleeping will help :

 – Relieve toothache, tooth fatigue, reduce pressure on the temporomandibular joint

– Prevent tooth damage such as cracked teeth, worn teeth, broken teeth; headache, muscle pain, and damage to the jaw joint;

– Protect the tooth surface, restore teeth from damage and wear under the impact of grinding force. 

The first time the patient goes to bed wearing a nightguard, the patient is not used to it and feels uncomfortable. But after a while, the patient will adapt, and the bruxism is significantly reduced.

To ensure that a night guard is always hygienic and safe to use, before and after wearing the trough, it is necessary to wash with clean water. Do not bite or chew. Store the night guard in a cool, dry place, avoid exposure to sunlight or heat sources as this may affect the quality of the nightguard


3. Teeth grinding remedies – few top of the suggestion

a. Consider a night guard for bruxism treatment

The night guard for bruxism treatment is custom-fitted dental implements designed to keep the teeth separate and discourage grinding and clenching, while also protecting the surface of the teeth when grinding does occur. They are made from hard acrylic or soft material and can be fitted by your dentist

b. Manage your stress and anxiety

Bruxism is frequently caused by stress or anxiety, one helpful approach is simply to manage emotion, use relaxation techniques like meditation to decrease stress and manage anxiety and keep your teeth healthy in the process. Avoiding stimulating substances in the evening is also a great way to combat bruxism

c. Consider medication

While medications are not a very effective form of treatment for bruxism, they can be helpful for certain things like muscle relaxants and even botox injections can help people with serve bruxism who do not respond to other treatment

d. Schedule regular dental exam

Dental exams are the best way to identify and treat bruxism. Your dentist will be able to spot signs of wear on the dental surface and come up with a plan to help you protect your mouth and jaw. 

Bruxism remedies

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