The world of dental has gained development thanks to innovative digital technology. Besides seeking talented dental technicians, modern dental labs start with enriching leading technology. As technology is revolutionizing the dental industry, labs equipped with dental digital design technology quickly meet the dental demand.

There is no denying that dental digital design service helps to simplify dental production, limit errors, and bring more aesthetic beauty to the dental prosthesis. It also helps meet the high demand for goods in laboratories when a professional dental designer can design up to 50-80 cases in 1 working day. A laboratory invested in dental design service on a large scale can create many design files to meet the needs of lab production and dental design outsourcing.

1. What is a dental digital design service?

Dental digital design service refers to CAD (computer-aided design) as the designer will use 3shape, Exocad software to design dental prosthesis.

The designer based on the 3D data of entire teeth, bite, the margin of the stump to design prostheses that look like the natural teeth, fit the position to be replaced, and harmonize with the entire teeth.

Dental digital design service can be a completely independent service depending on the needs of the customer. Customers can outsource this service, receive design data and then manufacture teeth directly at their lab.

2. How does dental digital design service work?

The dentist will capture the teeth through an optical scanner and display them in a 3D image. Then will be transferred to CAD to plan and design the dental prosthesis that fits well and look natural.

 The complete design file will load into the CAM (computer-aided manufacture) system to create initial dental prostheses. They are then ground, modified, baked, and stained by technicians for the final finished crown.

3. The advantages of dental digital design service 

With digital design services, modern laboratories can meet the large needs of dental restorations in the country and abroad. Most importantly, it meets the patient’s need for faster, more quality, and esthetic restoration. Besides, the working environment is also more comfortable, reducing work pressure for dental technicians.

  • Save time

Computer-based tooth design allows labs to accelerate the production of dental restorations from 2 to 5 days instead of 2 to 3 weeks as before. For professional design technicians, they can design up to 50-80 cases in one working day. Thereby, dental digital design technology has played a significant part in the dental revolution.

  • Reduce the cost of raw material

Thanks to CAD, there is a significant reduction in material consumption compared to the traditional hand-made method. When manipulating with CAD, the dental designer can edit many times on the computer until the design is complete, from which the production process also reduces error pressure.

  •  Predictive restoration results

With CAD technology, dentists can predict what the outcome of restoration will look like on a patient. Thereby the patient can also decide on the type of restoration that suits their wishes.

With this technology, the dentist will no longer have to use the traditional impressions on the patient’s mouth. Therefore, making the patient’s dental examination and treatment process more convenient and simpler.

  • Improve aesthetic quality

You can control the process of design by editing until the final design file is aesthetically pleasing. With simulated 3D images, the replacement teeth will be designed with the same shape as the natural teeth, creating a natural aesthetic. From that, get confidence in future production.

4. Dental Digital Design Service at Xdent Dental Lab

At Xdent Dental Lab, Dental Digital Design Service is one of our strength services. With a professional tooth design team, we will give you a quick, quality dental design service. This is an advanced process that you can use in cosmetic dentistry procedures such as Onlay, Inlays, crowns, dentures, veneers, and dental implants. If you are looking for a dental digital design service, please contact us via 

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