8 Standards of Aesthetic Porcelain Teeth

Aesthetic porcelain teeth

Standards of Aesthetic Porcelain Teeth 

Porcelain teeth in modern dentistry today have two missions: serving the purpose of treating, restoring oral function, and contributing to improving the color and shape of teeth so that the smile becomes more beautiful. Many people think that white and straightening teeth are enough in cosmetic dentistry. However, according to dentists, those two factors are not enough to evaluate the success of aesthetic porcelain teeth. The following article will help you know fully 8 standards of aesthetic porcelain teeth, suitable for the face, ensuring chewing function as well as oral health

1. The form of porcelain teeth

Few people know that there are many different forms of porcelain teeth. Aesthetic porcelain teeth need to ensure that the shape is suitable for the proportions of your face shape, your personality, your characteristics, your jaw, and your smile

• Natural porcelain teeth shape: suitable for those who like lightness, quietness, do not like to stand out

• Oval porcelain teeth shape: suitable for business people who like elegant and noble style

• Square porcelain teeth: very popular for men because of mainly appearance.

• Rabbit porcelain teeth: especially favored by young people because of their cute and mischievous features

• Sexy porcelain teeth shape: a form for you who like femininity, charm, attracting all eyes

2. The color of the porcelain teeth

Porcelain crowns or veneers both help change the shape and reconstruct the size and appearance of the teeth. But the most important is the color of porcelain teeth must look like the color of real teeth. For natural beauty, the color between the natural teeth and the artificial teeth should be the same

In the case of full-mouth porcelain crowns, you can choose the color of teeth you like

3. Porcelain material

There are many different brands of porcelain on the market today. Each type of porcelain has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the purpose of treatment. 

To have aesthetic porcelain teeth, you need to be consulted by a dental specialist to advise you on the porcelain material suitable for your needs, economy, and tooth condition.

In addition, the quality porcelain material helps to ensure durability and chewing ability. However, due to the profit, some dental facilities, spas, and beauty salons use cheap porcelain teeth of unknown origin, causing the patient to get poisoned. The gums around the teeth are swollen and discolored.

4. Standard bite

Owning a set of teeth with a standard bite will help you have a flat face, and improved chewing status helps to ensure maximum health.
A person with a standard bite will also have balance in parts such as the forehead, eyes, nose, and chin, creating a lovely feeling at both tilt and straight angles. After making porcelain teeth, it is necessary to ensure that chewing operates normally, feels like natural teeth, and has an aligned bite.

Incisor group: 2 canines and four upper jaw incisors will cover the outside of 4 symmetrical teeth in the lower jaw with an exact ratio. The lower incisors will contact about 2/3 of the upper incisors with the normal state.

Molar group: when biting, molars 4,5,6,7 will slowly get each other on the chewing surface and grind close together without being clumped. Each tooth will be symmetrical with the tooth at the exact position of the other jaw without deviation.

In the case of crooked porcelain teeth, the misaligned bite will affect your mouth: jaw pain, temporomandibular joint disorders, and many other harms.

The cause of this problem is often inexperienced doctors and less modern dental equipment. Improper diagnostic process or the tooth grinding ratio is not correctly


5. Porcelain teeth fit the natural teeth

Porcelain teeth fit the natural teeth is an essential factor determining the success of aesthetic porcelain teeth. Porcelain teeth are made based on teeth impressions and must ensure fitting properly with the natural teeth. Dentists with highly specialized techniques will create perfect contact of porcelain teeth with the natural teeth. Besides, the contact points with other teeth also need to be adjusted correctly.

If the porcelain teeth do not fit tightly, food residue will get stuck easily in this gap. Over time, it can cause inflammation, and tooth decay, create a black gum line, pain, sensitivity, and look incredibly unsightly. As a result, you need to go to the dentist to remove the porcelain teeth and treat them.

Aesthetic porcelain teeth

6. Healthy gums

If the porcelain crowns do not fit the natural teeth, it creates a place for bacteria to accumulate, causing the gums to become infected. Common symptoms are:

• Bleeding gums when brushing teeth

• Swollen gums

• Painful gums

• Gums turn red (instead of pale pink)

7. Beautiful smile after making porcelain teeth

Bright, straightening teeth are not enough to give you a perfect smile. A balance between the proportions of lips, teeth, and gums will make a great whole when you smile.

Beautiful smile

8. Whether to choose porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns

There are two main methods to meet the current demand for aesthetic porcelain teeth: porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers.

a. Porcelain veneers

In case you should use porcelain veneers

• Teeth that are discolored, dark, or contaminated with tetracycline

• Abnormal enamel surface 

• Gaps in teeth

• Abnormally shaped teeth (small shaped l incisors, deformed incisors)

• Cracks, cavities, cosmetic fillings on the outside of front teeth

• Slightly misaligned teeth do not need braces

b. Porcelain veneers

Cases should cover porcelain teeth:

• Teeth with large cavities

• Severely worn teeth

• Teeth with enamel cracks

• Broken crown

• The tooth without a root canal

• Broken tooth enamel

• Deformed teeth

• Changed enamel color

• Losing teeth and needing a bridge (porcelain bridge)

A good doctor will correctly specify which cases to make veneers or cover porcelain teeth. Braces are an alternative or supportive option. In addition, people with tooth decay, pulpitis, and periodontal disease need to be treated well before making porcelain teeth. Reputable cosmetic dentists only recommend cosmetic porcelain crowns for the following cases:

• Good bite between the jaws

• Relatively regular dental arch

• Healthy gums and no periodontal disease

• Age from 20

• Cavities and pulpitis (if any) are treated stably

How to take care and keep aesthetic porcelain teeth

Keeping porcelain teeth beautiful and durable depends partly on how you take care of your teeth. To ensure the durability of porcelain teeth, you should note a few things below:

• Proper oral hygiene

• Floss every day

• Avoid eating hard foods. Chewing ice or chewing hard foods can cause your crowns to crack

• If you have a habit of grinding your teeth at night, you should talk to your dentist for treatment intervention to help protect your porcelain teeth.

• Periodic dental visits and scaling

• Limit the use of foods that cause tooth discoloration. If yes, clean your teeth thoroughly after eating and drinking.

•No smoking

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