1. Dental bridges and Implants

To choose the right method for your teeth, you need to understand the nature of dental bridges and Implants.

1.1 What is a porcelain bridge?

A porcelain bridge is a technique of grinding the pulp of 2 teeth next to the position of tooth loss to make the post. A dental bridge consists of at least three porcelain crowns. This method can restore one tooth or many adjacent teeth at almost any position on the jaw. However, it requires the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth to be healthy for the porcelain crown to last for a long time.

1.2 Dental Implant

Dental Implant applies the most modern implant technology, helping to restore teeth for all cases of tooth loss from one tooth to the whole jaw. The implant uses a Titanium post (artificial tooth root) firmly attached to the jawbone. After the post integrates with the bone, it will support the porcelain crown. Dental Implants work independently, separate from other teeth, not invasive natural teeth like the method of porcelain bridges.

Dental Bridges and Implants

2. Comparison of porcelain bridge and Implant

Dental bridges and implants help restore lost teeth, restore chewing function, and facial aesthetics. However, each method will have different advantages and disadvantages, so based on the specific needs of each person, dental bridges or Implants will achieve optimal results.

A comparison table of dental bridges and implants with specific criteria will help you make the right choice.

 Dental BridgesDental Implants
Indicates the case ofLoss of one tooth or adjacent teethLoss of one tooth, many teeth, even jaws
RequirementsThe two adjacent teeth must be healthy to make a porcelain dental abutment.The jawbone must be stable, in case the bone has disappeared, it is necessary to carry out a bone graft.
Performgrinding of 2 adjacent teeth, invasive enamelIndependent of neighboring teeth do not affect enamel
Ability to restoreHigh aesthetics, but the ability to chew is limited.Porcelain teeth have high aesthetics, the ability to chew is guaranteed
LifespanRanges from 10 to 15 yearsImplant life can be more than 25 years, there are cases of lifelong use.
Preservation of jawboneUsing porcelain bridges for a long time cannot avoid jawbone loss, receding gums, and facial deformities.Implants are implanted directly into the jawbone, so it stimulates the bone to not be destroyed and does not change the jawbone structure.
Cost Lower costHigh cost
Table comparison of dental bridges and implants

3. Should you do dental bridges or a dental implant?

In terms of technical aspects, applicability, durability, and longevity, dental implants are the perfect solution beyond porcelain bridges. Implant teeth restore almost chewing ability, aesthetics, permanent use without needing to be replaced.

The detailed comparison table above has somewhat clarified which implant method is right for you. However, the decision to make a porcelain bridge or a dental implant will still depend on the status of your oral health, overall health, and many other conditions.

  • Oral health: As mentioned above, porcelain bridges require 2 adjacent teeth to be healthy to serve as abutments. Therefore, if you want to make a porcelain bridge, the doctor will have to accurately determine the strength of the two natural teeth next to the missing tooth.
  • Whole-body health: In case of weak health or chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, the doctor will consider the severity to assess your health is suitable for a dental implant or not. If the success rate is low or harmful to health, the doctor will prescribe the method of porcelain bridge or removable denture.
  • Age: Porcelain bridges and dental implants apply to cases of permanent tooth loss. However, Implants require stricter conditions that the patient must be over 18 years old to be able to perform

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