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The launching of a series of dental labs in European and Asian markets today shows that Outsourcing in dentistry is currently a thriving industry. The strength of Outsourcing in dentistry is that dentists can access a series of improved dental materials and modern techniques such as Cad/Cam. It helps to improve dental products not only in quality but also in aesthetic form.

The advantage does not stop at the product but also in the time and cost compared to manual tooth production which requires a lot of time and effort. For small and medium-sized clinics, investing in high-tech equipment to produce teeth is a dilemma, so they often choose to outsource to minimize their budget and still have quality dental products to provide to customers.

However, Outsourcing in Dentistry still has its difficulties that require both customers and dental labs to cooperate and improve to come to win-win results together. When overcoming all obstacles, Dental Outsourcing will help bring effective profits to clinics, local labs. In this post, let’s find out 5 things to reduce the risk of outsourcing in dentistry

1. Choose Quality Dental Outsourcing Lab

When choosing a dental outsourcing lab, customers often want to have long-term cooperation with the lab. Because usually changing the Outsourcing lab will impact the quality as the material and the technique are different between dental labs.

Choosing a quality lab is a prerequisite to reducing risks when you want to outsource. Quality lab with modern technology and professional technicians will produce quality dental prostheses. As a result, you do not lose time to redo products many times.

However, with the 4.0 technology revolution, accessing outsourcing in dentistry is easy but also risky. You cannot fully evaluate 100% of dental lab quality just by images, advertising on the internet. You better ask for sample products to see whether the quality follows your specification before deciding to cooperate.

The quality of Dental Outsourcing Labs also shows in customer service. Can unsatisfactory products be remarked quickly? Do you get enthusiastic support when having problems?

2. Production scale

Production scale is the strength of outsourcing in dentistry, a factor you need to keep in mind when choosing to outsource. The number of cases suitable for the size of the lab will help you receive quality products. For example, you cannot deliver an order of 300-400 cases/day to a dental lab with a production scale of about 100 cases/day. Therefore, the best way is to determine the production scale of the dental lab to be able to distribute to them the right amount of orders.

Evaluating the scale of dental outsourcing lab production is very simple, send them your quantity from less to more gradually and monitor the ability to deliver goods during the day. From there, choose the most suitable cases.

However, the scale of production does not equate to the quality of the lab. Some labs are small but still good in production. Therefore, based on your business choose the appropriate outsourcing dental lab.

3. Product Specification

The product specification is an issue that needs to be discussed carefully before deciding to cooperate. Each region and country has a different standard of dental evaluation. To get products that meet your standard, you need to exchange pictures, or preferably the actual products to the dental lab. From there, they can define your specification and proceed to manufacture according to the united standards.

4. Be careful with super cheap price

The price is always one of the most competitive factors compared to the rest. Undeniably, the price makes the product competitive, bringing more profits and customers, but besides that, it can also be a “double-edged sword”. Too much focus on finding cheap dental lab outsourcing will sometimes cause you heavier losses.

 If the cost is cheaper compared to the common market, you should concern about the quality of dental material and technician skills. Low price, frequency of defective products, and waste of time are two things you should pay attention to.

To compare prices, you need to base on areas, nations of the outsourcing lab. Make sure you are not comparing prices between the dental lab in Asia and the dental lab in Europe

However, the high price sometimes does not come with the quality. Once again, it is better to get sample products from the considered dental labs to evaluate the product before choosing.

5. Communication

Communication is a key factor for outsourcing in dentistry. It helps you minimize the number of items to remark. However, the limitation is that we rarely communicate with each other during the working process.

In many cases, customers only provide sketchy requirements to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer does not ask the customer again but continues to produce based on his one-way speculation. As a result, the goods have to be remarked, which costs materials and time

Therefore, for each case information, customers should try to provide clear pictures and information about the case to the dental lab. The dental lab should discuss issues with customers, avoid making decisions based on experience

6. Outsourcing in dentistry in Vietnam

Vietnam is currently a potential dental outsourcing market in Asia. Outsourcing costs in Vietnam are relatively competitive compared to other regions. In terms of quality and aesthetic standards, it has also met the requirements of many countries when currently dental labs in Vietnam are partners of the US, Australian, French markets…

At Xdent Dental Outsourcing Lab, we specialize in dental manufacturing services for overseas markets. We offer the best outsourcing in dentistry in Vietnam with a range of products including crowns, bridges, implants, partials, dentures, and dental design. We have a long-established base of educated and master technicians using the best materials, high technology, and craftsmanship to provide your cases perfectly every time. If you are wondering to choose a dental outsourcing lab, let’s contact us to receive a price list and samples for reference.

Author: Xdent team

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