Dental outsourcing lab in vietnam

1. Turnaround time of dental outsourcing lab in Vietnam?

With a professional dental outsourcing lab and enough human resources, the prescribed turnaround time in production is 2-3 days. In some unexpected problems, it may take 1-2 days more, but this rate is rare for professional labs.

In addition to the turnaround time, customers need to pay attention to the delivery time. The average shipping time from Vietnam to the USA is 3-4 days, and from Vietnam to the EU is 4-5 days.

2. How to get quality products the first time?

You found a dental outsourcing lab in Vietnam with a reasonable price, but you did not receive the product you wanted the first time? What is the reason?

Not communicating what you want about the product is the reason. Most dental labs only receive basic requests for teeth production from new customers. Preliminary indications only create a basic product. It is not possible to create a perfect product.

If you have a specific specification for production materials, please send a request to the dental outsourcing lab in Vietnam. Materials from different brands will have differences in translucency and strength from which there are more or fewer differences in the color and the weight of the finished product. 

If you are satisfied with the quality and shape of your current products, please exchange and send some sample products to the manufacturer. From there, they can manufacture products according to your standards.

If you are not satisfied with the quality and shape of the current product, please exchange your wishes for more specific products.

The dental lab will manufacture your product based on another standard of the other lab when you do not specify your indications.

 Remember: “Products that meet one customer’s satisfaction standards may not meet another customer’s standards.”

3. How to know the right outsourcing product for your lab?

Please ask for testing samples. A dental outsourcing lab in Vietnam has a policy of accessible 2-3 units of testing samples for new customers. When providing enough information, samples will help you have a preliminary assessment of the dental outsourcing lab

– Quality of product and turnaround time

– Quality of customer services

– Quality of packaging

4. What is the payment policy?      

Payment is often the issue that poses the most risk to manufacturers and customers. Let’s discuss and find out the payment policy suitable for both. Most dental labs do not accept processing large orders for new customers without paying a deposit in advance.

5How about custom clearance for dental outsourcing products?

Customs will carefully check most health-related products. Therefore, find out about your country’s dental product clearance policy and prepare all the necessary documents. If you send dental impressions to a dental outsourcing lab in Vietnam, please discuss with them the information that needs to be labeled on the package accordingly. Filling out the information yourself will personally put your goods at risk of not being able to clear customs.

6. Do I need dental outsourcing for my lab?

The three most apparent benefits of dental outsourcing are

Saving investment costs

Saving operating costs

Save labor cost

7. What is the challenge of dental outsourcing?

Risks of quality control, product uniformity, risks of business dependencies if you work with only one manufacturer

8. Dental outsourcing lab in Vietnam still receive dental impressions?

Most dental outsourcing labs in Vietnam receive both scan files and dental impressions. Scan files will help save shipping and production time and, at the same time, have higher accuracy than a dental impression.

9. How to choose a reputable dental outsourcing lab in Vietnam?

All you can do is find all the information about the lab on the internet. A reputable lab will continuously update new information and pictures regularly on the website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Updating information also helps you to know that the lab is doing well

  If you have acquaintances in the country you want to choose to cooperate with, ask them to find out and confirm information about the lab

 10. How about China dental market and the VietNam dental market?

China and Vietnam are two markets for dental manufacturers that many international customers seek. There is no denying that the Chinese market has many advantages, but relying too much on the Chinese market will put local labs at risk when there is a change.

The risk proves that when China decided to lock down to prevent covid, it affected operations in many local labs. Today, many local labs have expanded parallel cooperation between the two markets of Vietnam and China to avoid being utterly dependent on one market, ensuring production and business activities. If you are thinking about another partner in the Vietnamese market, please contact Xdent Dental Outsourcing Lab. Our lab center is in HCM city, the main economic center of Vietnam, where enough convergence of talent and technical factors create quality dental outsourcing products and bring satisfaction to customers with competitive prices.

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